Your all-in-one creative space.

All the magic of your studio space in the cloud.
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Freeform workspace

Kosmik is an infinite notebook you can take with you anywhere you go. It was designed to help you think, iterate, and create your best work.
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Everyone on the same page.

Involve clients, stakeholders and align everyone in one click. Kosmik will 10x your creativity and productivity through organic, continuous, and visual collaboration.
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Show, don’t tell.

Enable the creative spark that comes from serendipity - in a remote first environment. Collaborate from anywhere, as if you were in the same physical studio, with a one-click link.

The last sketchbook you’ll ever need.

Kosmik was designed for the and iPad to be your ultimate notebook. Draw, create diagrams, and annotate files or pictures with ease.

A place to do it all.

Fill it with sketches and sticky notes. Brainstorm with your team and collaborate on documents. Create rich-media moodboard, storyboards, and war rooms.
A tool for creative teams.

Bring the entire studio online.

Kosmik is a borderless studio where you can engage with your team and your clients.
Bring the studio online

Kosmik for 


Kosmik turns your research process into one continuous flow: from early online benchmarking, to brainstorming with your team, to gathering research artifacts (videos, pictures, transcripts) in one place, to synthesis, and final documents creation.Research

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Kosmik makes it easier to explore alternatives, connect the dots, and take decisions by showing you everything. Kosmik is meant for parallel viewing and rich-media collaboration. You can drag and drop, annotate, and connect assets and content. With real time collaboration everyone can chime in. It makes your whole process easier, faster, and more fluid.Strategy

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Kosmik was designed to help you think, iterate and create your best work -- on your own or with your team -- from inspiration to collaboration to presentation. Kosmik is native on iPad and Mac. Kosmik offers the snappy performance of native apps and unique capabilities like the Apple Pencil and its wonderful drawing capabilities.Design

Built for all your devices.

Kosmik is cloud-native and web-based, which makes juggling between your devices a breeze. Kosmik is also native on iPad and Mac. For Apple devices, Kosmik offers the snappy performance of native apps and unique capabilities like the Apple Pencil and its wonderful drawing capabilities.
Build for all your devices.

Private, Secure, and Limitless.

Kosmik is the most private and secure creative platform. We do not have any informations about your documents, files or passwords.Private and Secured

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